Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Cole & Anna

Cole on the tractor

Pumpkin sling-shot

Rebecca, Brandon & Cole slinging pumpkins

Teamwork! - Cole helping Denise helping Brandon

Rebecca found her pumpkin

Cole & Brandon driving the tractor
(I wish there was sound..... notice Cole's face - he's making the tractor noise!)

Cole & Mom

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My sister Kathy, Emily & Sawyer

My sister Kathy, her partner Emily & their son Sawyer flew out from Minneapolis to join us for the wedding. With good planning (?) it turns out that they were here the whole week after the wedding, which gave us time to catch up with both families. Whew!
(I got a severe head cold Monday after the wedding, hence the lateness of these posts. Between the cold, having my sister still in town and then taking a week off of DOING NOTHING..... now I'm back in business!)
I wish she was closer. I wish THEY were closer. To all of us. Minnesota seems so far after they leave. Ugh. And to think that Kathy & Sawyer were just out here in April?? Sawyer was still crawling! Now he's a walking, jabbering machine! Oh, it's harder and harder every time they leave..... Thank goodness for modern technology - email, cell, video, etc.
(I've always had a strange feeling/connection to Wisconsin - who knows, maybe we'll end up there someday! It would be a little closer at least!)
The whole fam at Napoli

(sorry sis!) Kathy, Emily & Sawyer helping prep for the wedding

LOVE this one!

Sawyers first rave & glow stick

Sawyer & Grammy

Cole reading to Sawyer

Such a good cousin!

Pizza, bread & beers at Napoli

The Kids: my bro Sean, me & my sis Kathy

Cole kept Sawyer busy while we ate

Woo! Too much pizza??

Awwww...... They had matching Chuck Taylors!
(same - same!)

More wedding photos

The Wilson Brothers - Tim, Matt & Shawn

Awww... Cole & Anna dancing

Sean & Chantale

Sawyer, Kathy & Emily

Yes, he's doing exactly what it looks like
(Shawn taught him that!)

Cole & Mom

I love this one! Cole, Sean, Kathy, me, Dad & Mom

The Wilson's: Tara, Matt, me, Cole Shawn, Linda, Dan, Anna & Tim

The Wilson Boys

Dan's FAVORITE "daughters" :)

Tara & I

Susie (aka: Aunt Canada) & Derek
we still love him - even though he wore a Steelers tie!?!?!

Cole hiding from the paparazzi in Grumpy's jacket

Handsome Cole


"THE EVENT" : Our Wedding & Family

Gathering at my parents house for dinner with the Anderson's & Wilson's

Here's catching you up on the weeks events:

Shawn's parents, brothers, sister-in-law, Grandma & Aunt and Uncle arrived in Tacoma on the Wednesday before the wedding. The bulk of his family traveled all the way from *Northern* Michigan and his Aunt Susie & Uncle Derek drove all the way down from Northern, northern Canada - Ft. McMurry to be exact. Look it up, it's close to Santa Claus!

From there it was a jam-packed week: food prep for the wedding, a concert for Anna playing the viola, sight-seeing, mani's & pedi's, dinner with family and then Bugsy.

My dear little Bugsy (who is all of 5 pounds soaking wet) was apparently attacked by a racoon, squirrel or another cat. (she's quite fiesty, I must say, and can usually hold her own very well). She developed an abcsess on her back and had to have surgery - pretty major surgery. Thursday before the wedding. As an animal lover - and 2 days before my wedding - I made the choice that was right for me. This is what we were dealing with:

The (dreaded) CONE!


The wedding, ceremony, reception, etc., etc., went off without a hitch and I am very proud to announce:

Shawn & Lynnae Wilson

October 11, 2008

Gorgerous & delicious cake courtesey of my
awesome sis-in-law, Chantale

The Wilson's: Shawn, Lynnae, Anna & Cole

Shawn & I with our parents

And then we took Shawn's family to a Seahawks game!...........
Unfortunately it was the Green Bay game and we got slaughtered. But it was still a great day and I think they all had a fantastic time!
Grandma, Aunt Susie & Uncle Derek showing their Canadian pride

The beautiful Seattle skyline

Shawn's parents, Dan & Linda, having a GREAT time!

The Packers still won without Brett Favre - ugh!