Friday, May 18, 2007

More Cole photos...

Just some misc. photos from the SuperCross race we went to at Qwest Field a few weekends ago.
(yes that's a tattoo...whaddya expect, he's an Anderson!)

Cole was a *trooper* and stayed awake with no stinker (the "grouchies") the whole night!!
What a kid.
And THANKS Shawn, you're the best!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cole's first loose tooth!

Hanging by a thread......

The new cheesy-grin!!

Ok, so it's been "really wiggly" for awhile now - those bottom two front teeth, mainly the left one.

I picked him up from school yesterday and noticed it instantly. He said, "Mama, look what I did!" (with the small little tooth hanging by a thread) "I was pushing on it with my tongue and I heard a crack!!" (I still remember that feeling like it was yesterday)

We get home and I get the camera out - duh - and I start snapping away. Then I hear the screeching of excitement and a little man with his tooth in his palm...

It's out!! His first tooth lost! Another milestone :)