Monday, September 25, 2006


Giants, schmiants...

That's right, I was at the LOUDEST game so far this year! Don't believe all the hype about noise being "piped in" - it's all me, it's all for REAL! If you still doubt, well... #1-you're not a Seahawks fan and #2-you should've called and talked to me on Monday. Ouch! I sound like a duck that's been run over.

They kicked serious BUTT over the big bad Giants. Hahahaha! 21-0 halfway thru the first quarter?? Are you kidding me?? It was electric, pure and simple. Shawn warned me that "you've never experienced something like this". He was right.

The tickets were a birthday present from Shawn way back in July and at first I thought, "OK, a Seahawks game." I like football, I cheered in High School, but I never understood it to the extent that all you football fans do. He's been "coaching" me ever since that nasty incident we refer to as the SuperBowl. Having to watch replays of the Hawks get... well.... 'effed' was brutal, but I learned. And now, I consider myself a 12th man. Err... woman.

I have never screamed so loud, felt that much electricity or had that much adrenaline run through my body. When they released the Hawk - an actual hawk - at the beginning of the game, I thought I was gonna cry. It sounds cliche, it sounds hoakie, I know 'cuz I used to look at sports fans like, "what?!?" But now - not so much. I want a jersey - how crazy is that?!?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


My baby boy..... going off into the big world.....I know, I know "it's only kindergarten" you're thinking..... but this is my Coley-bear.... my little man..... my skeezix. He'll be just fine, I know that, there's no doubt...... It's the milestone that wrenches my heart..... "They grow up so fast" I know what you all mean by that. First day of school....... wowzer, what a day for the mama's of the world. Kleenex anyone??