Thursday, June 15, 2006

Did ya miss me??


Life has been a whirl-wind, spaz-tastic kind of game lately. And I *love* every minute of it. :)

Starting with Shawn. Where do I begin? He's great! He's amazing! He tells me often how lucky he is. And he's shocked that anyone let me go. Aww... :) (blushing)

We've had some crazy fun adventures lately. Fishing south of Olympia, races at South Sound Speedway, camping in the rain and spur of the moment trips everywhere! It's so much fun and we're making memories together. He's met the family and it all seems to "click". "Ahhh.." she sighs. His place is too small and so is mine, so we might be looking into that. I'll keep you posted.

And the job, oh the AWESOME job!!! I'll update you soon, gotta go - I'm at work! :P

Love you all!!