Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Or as Cole would say, "Sun Yakes" but he didn't go, this is an adult annual camping trip to the Heavenly (and dry and barren) Eastern Washington. This is my guaranteed once-a-year vacation and I cherish it every year! I look forward to it so much that I almost end up wishing summer away just waiting for it at the end of August. Ahhhhhhhhhhh........ enjoy the photos!

Shawn & I relaxing after a hard day of floating

Bring on the Yucca, Dave!!

Shawn being inducted into the group

My brother Sean & my nephew Beans

Dry Falls Lake

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mt. Rainier

Me at the Carbon River Glacier

See that big blackish-grey thing? It's all one HUGE chunk of ice. Amazing in person - you just don't get the scope of it in photos.
I just love this uploading picture thing !! Shawn & I went hiking August 5th on Mt. Rainier up to the Carbon Glacier. I admit, it was a bit tough at first, me not being a regular hiker and all. But it was gorgeous and breathtaking and beautiful. All of natures gusto - BAM! right in front of you. But the bees..... ohhhh the bees...... I guess I was a little ripe and dang did they like me! Ugh!! I swear one must have followed me - circling around me - for 1/4 of a mile. "Just sting me already!!"

I'm SO ready to do it agian! This time with bug spray.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pictures ?!?

COLE TURNS 5 !!! Scott and Cole at the Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party !

Cole and his favorite birthday present!! (it was from me, awww...)

Cole & I at his Preschool Graduation !! Ohhhh..... my little Cobo is getting to be such a little man.

Kate, myself & Traci celebrating me leaving Tully's (anything for a party) !!

Let's hope this works....... Most of you know how computer savvy I am, so it's no surprise if these do not show up. This is Shawn & I out bowling with the gang. :) He's really much taller than me - I'm on my tip-toes and he squatted down a bit.