Monday, March 31, 2008

Friday, March 28, 2008

Little Bunny Foo-Foo.....

Cole, me & Anna coloring eggs

(I don't know what he's looking at.....)

Some of the finished products

Anna & Cole on the hunt!

...Easter... ...Spring... ...Sunshine... and Snow?!?

Yes, it's true, we've had some snow flurries - some places more than others. Tacoma just had a dusting but of course Graham was covered! This is when Cole really wishes Grammy & Grumpy lived by us!

I can't beleive it's been 3 months since I've posted anything on here! No news is good news, I guess.

I did seem to get the 'winter blahs' more this year. January & February are just so grey and dreary here and it really got to me this year.

Currently I'm going thru some pretty nasty mouth pain from my wisdom teeth. (I hate to make this a pity-party blog, but it's what's happening in my life right now) My bottom wisdom teeth "float" in and out about every 4 months or so. No big deal. Usually it's 3-4 days of moderate pain that I help along with Tylenol or such. But my lower left floated in almost 3 weeks ago now and hasn't faded.

I've been meaning to get them all extracted, really. But with the nominal pain, it was never a *major* issue. Until now.

So I started calling around. The oral surgeon my dentist referred me to wasn't able to get me in for a consult until April 22nd !?!? Are you freaking kidding me?? (this is a whole other story on it's own, I'll spare the details. just know that when you piss me off, a letter of complaint will follow. His office is Harbor Oral/Dr. Steffans on Union Street in Tacoma- please DO NOT refer him)

It's Tuesday, I'm still in pain calling around, explaining my sob story...... "Tylenol or Advil every 2 hours, very painful, etc., etc. Community Health Care, a referral from my friend Ros was able to squeeze me in THAT DAY in a half hour!!! Hallelujah!!!!! As ghetto as this place may look (it's on the corner of M and South 11th, right in the middle of Hilltop) they are amazing people!!! From the receptionist to the assistant to the Dentist - all around great people!

Dr. Breaker explained to me that I have an infection and that is most likely causing the severe pain. Ugh. I'm thankful I could at least get validation (and meds!) for the pain. I was sent away with an antibiotic perscription as well as 600mg Ibuprofen.

It's Friday and I'm much better. I was able to eat a piece of pizza last night. A big change from yogurt, chicken broth, applesauce and sliced bananas. (Ok, and the Caramel Frappuccino too!) But I forgot how good it felt to
c h e w food. It hurt. A lot. Don't get me wrong, but it was worth it. Plus, a glass of wine does wonders for tooth pain!! hehe!