Thursday, November 30, 2006

Let it S N O W !

Cole checking out the Wishbook, just like Mama used to do....

Child Labor

...and the payback !

Yes, that's right, you're looking at photos of Cole in the snow. In Washington. Every once in a blue moon we DO get snow. I love it, I love everything about it. The sound, the smell, the sparkle. I don't even mind the cabin fever so much. Having Cole makes it all new again.

We were watching the Seahawks and Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football and you would've sworn they were playing in the frozen tundra. But nope, it was in Seattle. Snow all over the field. Qwest Field, that is. Cole was almost in tears because the Seahawks had snow and we didn't - yet. Shortly after, it started falling. I knew right then that we'd be staying home the next day. One inch and the city practically shuts down. And for good reason - we're not equipped for it, and no, we *don't* know how to drive in it.

We ventured out at 8:30pm to play in the snow and what a great time we had! Being a kid, you don't care if it's cold and wet and your gloves are soaked. You just want to stay out as long as your mom will let you. We got some great memories and photos out of it, so it was worth every frozen minute.

Tuesday was a different story...........No school, like I assumed, but it was so dang COLD, you couldn't stay out there for more than 10 minutes! The streets were solid ice, so I didn't dare drive anyplace. I was teetering over driving my car to Metropolitan Market to get a coffee but ruled against it. Knowing my luck, I'd get in a wreck - all in the name of coffee. Not worth it. But when my caffiene headache kicked in around 2pm I said 'screw it!' and off we went without incident.

It's grey and cloudy again, just as the Northwest usually is........I guess it makes us marvel in the snow that much more. I know if I had to live with it everyday, I wouldn't love it as much. Such is life.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


......And what a cold & blustery but spook-tacular Halloween it was! Cole was Bob the Builder, go figure. I almost had to force him into the "homemade" costume. My own fault, I guess, since I've bought him one every year previous. But he had all the makings already, so it was a no-brainer to me. He's got the tools, the hard hat, the 'spenders, the knee hole jeans, etc. etc.

We met up with his friend Scott, his mom and little brother along with their nieghbors for a hayride in Wright Park and then off to their neighborhood to do some good ol' fashioned trick-or-treating. Just like the old days.... The kids were troopers and made out like bandits - huge, full-size candy bars from most houses!! With Cole not really liking candy, I get stuck with it. Great. Maybe I'll bring it in to work for the guys...

The most memorable part for me - other than seeing my offspring having a fantastic time with his buddy - was getting a peek into the old homes of Tacoma's North Slope. Scott's mom knows all her neighbors and so we stopped and chatted with almost all of them, inviting us into their foyers and such. Ahhhhh....... I was immersed in these spectacular, grand homes that have history just oozing from every crack in their 100 year old original wood floors. Breathtaking. Most were on the Historical Registry as well. And for the bargain price of $430,000. you too could own a 5 bedroom, 3400sf semi fixer upper. That's reduced 20 grand form the original asking price!!

Mama & Cole on the hayride
Owen, Scott & Cole - looking at his tools...

The GANG !!


Oh, and my nephew Beans :)