Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lucky me?

I dropped Cole off at school yesterday morning, came home and sat on the walkway to play with Bugsy (the cat), but she was too busy 'hunting' squirrels. I looked down into the grass and this little guy popped up at me:

I am NOT the lucky type, it just doesn't happen. And go figure, just over the weekend, Cole and I were sitting in the same spot and he found one! Just like that!! I told him how, "ever since I was a little girl, I've searched and searched and SEARCHED for a four leaf clover and have never found one. Never."

So here we are - TWO four leaf clovers in a 2-3 day span. I hope it's a sign. A very, very good one! It may be a little TMI to share ("too much information" for those who are 'abbreviated challenged' as I once was. Ha ha!). But that's part of the reason I started this blog, was to share my feelings as well as photos and experiences.

Aaaaaanyway.... as I was saying. As I've gotten older, I've really noticed my hormones change. My mood swings, etc. For my girlie friends out there, I know most of you can relate. The week to 2 weeks prior can be just hellish for me. And leading up to 'it', usually 2 or 3 days prior are becoming almost unbearable. It's grating. It's gritting my teeth. It's angry.

I've told Shawn (and some of my girls) that it's like a rabid dog inside my skin, just gnarling and growling and clawing to get out. If the kids are around I end up yelling at them and nothing they do seems right. Nothing ANYONE does seems right or perfect enough. I have really angry dreams - screaming and yelling at random people who have pissed me off in the dream, because it's not in my nature to yell at people in real life.

I feel utterly crazy, insane for about 3 days. At least I can recognize that it's not 'real' and it WILL pass, but being IN it.... is complete madness. I'm writing just on the cusp of it all. I can feel it starting and I try to take my vitamins - B50 and St Johns Wort usually help.

So I'm trying to feel Lucky. I know I am - health, home, family..... but when your brain chemistry brings up every insecurity, failure and unworthiness.... well, that's a deep pit to dig out of.

The sun is shining. And THAT itself is a good sign. Maybe I need some vitamin D too?

Friday, May 15, 2009

More fishing

The Saturday before Mother's Day, the family went fishing. It was a gorgeous day, although not quite warm enough for a typical May weekend that we're used to. But sunshine. Lots and lots of sunshine :)

Cole's first catch of the day! I swear, it was about 10 minutes after we got there and he was SO excited (especially to be the first one)!! Dad helping him get the hook out. Cole went on to catch 3 FISH that day!!!!! Go Cobo!

Shawn with his first catch of the day. He also went on to catch a total of 2 that day!! For being Mother's Day weekend, it was an "all boys" event - Anna & I didn't catch a thing! (well, Anna caught some old fishing line and such - twice!)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Danny Martin comes back "home"

For those fellow Decatur-ites out there, yes Dan (he's no longer 'Danny' or 'Danimal' - I guess we all have to grow up, don't we?) was in town for a few short days and I was lucky enough to catch up with him :)
Jennifer (Toohey) and her husband Ed threw a BBQ for Dan's old pals, still lingering in the Puget Sound area. We lucked out with decent weather and a good time was had by all!
What amazed me most was how you can meet up with old friends and have it feel like it was just yesterday that you saw them last, rather than 7 years..... is it like that with all friends? We sat and chatted about old times, new times, current events, kids, etc., etc..... Not at all like talking to a major big-wig in the Fashion Industry.
My favorite quote of his, "Naomi Campbell was always nice and never threw her phone at me"
Or his other one: "Here I am, rockin' the Capri Sun"
Gawd, I miss ya already.
The invite to come visit - especially for Fashion Week - is an offer I just may take you up on. I'd hate to go another 7 years without seeing you!
Check out his work:

"Danimal & Bug"

with friends Dan, Pete & Dan