Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Cole !!

COLE IS 8!?!?! My baby is 8!!
He picked going to South Sound Speedway as his birthday "to do" on Saturday night. Grammy & Grumpy even drove down to join us for the races. It turned out to be a little cold and windy, but blankets kept the chill away for a bit. We saw stock cars and really cool old hot rod cars, (like my dad's '42 Chevy and older) that were all tricked out and went super fast! Cole's favorite was the mini cars - some were even driven by kids! Such a great time, just wish it would've been warmer. Maybe we'll have to go again in August.

For Cole's birthday - today - he'll have fruit shish-ke-bobs for his party at school. And I asked him what he wanted for his special birthday dinner meal - he picked "the breakfast place", aka.... dum-da-da-dum..... SHARI'S. (a kid after my own heart :)

And then on Sunday, he'll make the Dad's share Father's Day (brat) so we can celebrate his birthday with the family out at my parents house. He's not spoiled, I swear!

Happy Birthday Cobo!!
As Best Man at our wedding

Jamming with Dad

Roasting marshmallows in our fire pit


cheesy grin kid

At the races for his birthday

Snuggling with sister

Monday, June 08, 2009

A little catching up..

Cool mushrooms growing in our yard. Shawn wants to eat them, anyone know about them?

Cole "driving" with MY sunglasses. Ha!

Anna and her boyfriend Brandon at Anna's orchestra concert

Cole & dad jamming

Cole lost a 'dog tooth'! "Mom, I look like a UFC fighter!", he tells me

CiCi gardening with me :)