Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kanaskat-Palmer day hike

Cool root of a tree over the river

Cole *in* the cool tree root

The Green River

Anna & Cole trying not to get wet

Cole says - "ROCK ON!!"

No, I'm not a climber

I meant to post this over a week ago and just got busy with the whole Sun Lakes extravaganza.... (more on that to come)

The four of us headed out of the SMALL bungalow to do a day hike. Nothing big, Anna & I both had flip-flops on so we knew it wouldn't be anything major. We just needed to get out!!

So that's it. The kids had a GREAT time in the water, as kids usually do. We skipped rocks on the water (and impressed the hell out of Cole!!) and threw big stones in the river to hear the kewl "SPLUNK" that they make in the water.

I forget how close all this great nature really is to us. Rivers, hiking, trails & parks right in our own back yard.