Friday, March 23, 2007


Note: the John Deere t-shirt with soccer gear. Sweet!

Was it bound to happen?? Yep, I guess so. Cole is officially in a soccer league. And that now makes me.......... a Soccer Mom.


Did you ever think I would say it? I never thought so, but he's happy :)

He is having the time of his life with his friend James. He's running off energy and learning about competitive sportsmanship. He absolutely LOVES it!

We also had a parent-teacher conference the other day and everything is pretty great. She relayed how polite and well manered he is. That he is always quick with his pleases and thank you's. She said he is well-liked and socializes very well. Other than him losing focus - typical for a five year old boy, she see's no problem with him moving on to FIRST GRADE. Yay!!

The above may sound strange to some of you, but as a parent with a child not in school yet, it's not something you worry about. I never did. You just think he's going to go to school, learn stuff, make friends, etc., etc.

Not the case.

Cole came home one day (before he was even in Kindergarten) and I asked him the usual, "How was "school" today?" "Umm, Ok..", he trailed off. "Just OK?", I said, "what happened?" "Nothing, Mama, I was just a-yone." ("alone" in pre-K verbage)


My son?

I panicked, thinking that my kid was an outsider with no friends, huddled in the corner waiting for his mommy to come and rescue him!

Not the case. Not even close.

I talked to his teachers (plural, I went to ALL of them) and asked how he was getting along with the other kids?, was he making friends?, was he being picked on?, etc., etc.

"Cole?", they all asked in bewilderment. "Cole is one of the most social kids we have here. If we let him, he would float from room to room all day long, just visiting with the kids and teachers."

---------> HUGE sigh of relief entered here <--------

So I guess what I'm saying is that you worry about how your kids are going to do in school. It ISN'T just a given that they'll do as well as you. (pat yourselves on the back) But to hear the confirmation from his teacher put my mind at ease once again.

Now we just have to get thru Soccer season......