Thursday, June 28, 2007

Good News

Good news, great news, excellent news!!

Shawn called me yesterday from work, "Well, you got your wish", he said. He went on to explain that he's:

being promoted to DAY SHIFT!!!!

I'm ecstatic, elated, spinning with joy!! He's worked nights or swing since before we met and he doesn't mind it - he's kind of a night-owl. But it's worn on me the past few months. We talked about him working nights and he explained that his schedule could be manipulated to a point and that it wasn't permanent. I was OK with that as long as we could spend quality time together once in awhile.

But now that he'll be switching to DAYS, I'm just beside myself!! Sitting at my desk, smiling as we speak. :) Yay us!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cole's 6th Birthday !!

"Birthday Extravaganza!" is what I should say. Or maybe "The Never Ending Birthday" is more like it - the kid had *3 days* of Birthday!!

We started out with the traditional "candle in the granola bar" for breakfast on Friday, his actual birthday. Then he brought cupcakes to school to celebrate with his friends. Friday night, Shawn took us all to dinner at Red Robin (thanks hun!) and Cole loved the people singing to him, he even shared his sundae with Anna. Awwwww......

We were up bright and early for the 'friend' birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. (believe me, I used to groan also, but there's no clean up!) He had all of his friends from school there to celebrate with him, or should I say run around like banshees and ask me, "Have you seen Cole?" Cole's mom even got in trouble for bringing in her own cups in case the kids got thirsty. Sheesh! (hehe!!)

And then on Fathers Day my poor dad had to share his special day with the Cole-man for the 'family' celebration. (I told you, this kid has it made!) Cole made out like a bandit - as usual. And now I really have to crack down and load up the car with old toys, clothes, etc to bring to the shelter and such. He's got waaaaaay too much stuff!

Six years old........ He's turning into such a little man. The "grouchies" have lessened - with much help from Shawn. And his independence continues to grow. He still makes me laugh daily - I *love* that little man!