Thursday, April 10, 2008

My sister & my nephew in Seattle

For me, this was a *very* special trip. I would finally get to meet my 8 month old nephew Sawyer!! And even more special - Kathy would finally get to meet Cole. I know it sounds strange, Cole is almost 7, but with her living in Minnesota, it just didn't happen. The last time she was out here, I was about 5 months pregnant. I've seen her since - we had our sibling trip to Mexico 2 years ago, but that was just adults.
Plus, she was able to meet 'my' Shawn also. And Anna! Whew!

Kathy, Sawyer & Cole - he's teaching Sawyer
about video games waaay too early

Can I just tell you that he is daaaaarrr-ling!! I've seen photos of him - Kathy keeps me current with pictures all the time. But to see this little man in person is just so.... special.

He's quiet and sweet, mellow but smiley, warm and snuggly.
He's beautiful inside and out. Warm, strawberry-blonde hair and that lovely "baby smell". You fall in love with him the instant you meet him. He's got a warmth in his soul that is just rare in kids. Sawyer just oozes Love. It's such a hard description to put my finger on. Maybe I'm partial, he is my nephew after all. But either way, we had a GREAT time together.

Sawyer & Grammy

"The Going to Bed Book" - heh heh

I think this one is my favorite.... :)

Cole just seemed to LOVE playing the big brother role.
...For awhile... They played blocks together, watched cartoons and Cole even gave sawyer a ride around the house in a box! Then after a day together he blurts out, "Everybody's paying attention to Sawyer and no one is paying attention to me!"
Aye-yi-yi..... (I knew that one was coming, it was too good to be true)

I had such a great time with my sister. The waterfront/Aquarium in Seattle, sushi in West Seattle, lunch downtown, pedicures and long talks in the car. What more could you want? She said she couldn't live here, the grey is too much to handle (agreed!). I guess I'll have to settle for yearly visits back and forth. Okay.....

One more thing - Emily, WE MISSED YOU !!!!!
(really wish you could've been here too!)

The Siblings - me, Kathy & Sean