Monday, June 30, 2008

Pacific Beach

We finally got some sunshine here in Washington!!!
(Or..... HOLY CRAP, can it get any hotter??)
We needed it, we love it and then we complain about how HOT it is. Or at least I do. hehe.
We spent Saturday (94 degrees?) painting Mom & Dad's exterior of their house. This was a birthday/Mother's Day/Father's Day gift from Sean, Chantale, Shawn & I. (insert awwwww here)
I'm all about practical gifts - things you can USE. So when their birthdays came around in April we were all racking our brains on what to get them. I remember Mom saying they wanted to paint th house this year and bingo!, that sparked my idea.
A BIG THANK YOU to our friends for helping out, so unselfishly!! We had Sean, Chantale, Shawn, myself, Derek, Jo, Otto, Sammy, Glen, Anna & Cole. When all was finished, we painted my parents 1600 square foot rambler and my Dad's HUGE 4 car shop/garage. All in about 6 hours! In 90 degree heat. Did I mention the heat?? Thank God for Grammy's pool!! (I forgot my camera for the day, so mom has all the photos. poop)
We knew Sunday was going to be another scorcher, so we had to have a plan. I suggested Owen's Beach, since it's just down the road at Pt. Defiance or even Dash Point State Park. Anything with water. Shawn said, "How about the ocean?" "The ocean-ocean??", I asked
So we hopped in the Pathfinder and set out on a road trip. We often forget that the ocean is really only about a 1.5 to 2 hour trip from Tacoma. That's it! It was a gorgeous drive! By the time we left the house, it was already hotter inside the house than it was outside. ugh. We drove through beautiful Olympia and Shelton (I waved to you Tracey, did you see??). Hoquiam & Aberdeen were just perfect!! Breezy and 75-80 degrees!! Perfection!
Then we got to the coast. I'm reading the outside temp. gauge and it says 64. It's cloudy, overcast and FOGGY! Driving big black onto the beach, we couldn't even see the ocean! How strange is that?? Here we are in shorts and tanks and I have to wrap a towel around me to stay warm. Hahaha!!
Shawn, Cole & the Pathfinder on the beach
can you see the ocean?
digging to China


We had a GREAT time though. It wasn't crowded and we were able to walk the beach and look for treasures. Made us all hungry for crab too!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our (small) Garden

Our almost-sweet, not bitter Radishes

More Radishes & Carrots - orange & PURPLE!!

Lettuce, onions, daisies & white flocks!
I can't wait to try the lettuce, I hear it's supposed to be the best!!

"Big Orange"

It started with me calling the Golf "Little Red"
When we got the Pathfinder, she was of course named
"Big Black"
Now, let me introduce:
Shawn found this 'little' beauty out in Sumner. A good ole farm truck.
But I have a feeling she won't be "big orange" for long....
Small restoration ideas are already in the works.

1972 Dodge M100 3/4 Ton, The Adventurer
Shawn is very excited that the truck is as old as he is!

She's big and beefy and the perfect work/hauling/dump truck.
I told Shawn we need to get a stereo in her so we can listen to "Small Town Saturday Night" by Hal Ketchum. Very fitting.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

They bought him a pony ?!?

Not really, I tease.
Sunday was Cole's *actual* birthday and of course Father's Day! We started the day with a friendly game of mini-golf (I won, thanks!) and then out to "Grammy & Grumpy's" for the celebrations!
My parents neighbors have horses and they decided to wander over for some carrots! We've learned that feeding them carrots on a fork is much better at keeping your fingers.
It was a gorgeous day to be out in Graham, lounging in the new patio furniture and admiring the horses. The kids even had a water fight! (the pool was closed, due to maintenance)
We're painting Mom & Dad's house the weekend of June 28th - any volunteers?? As always, you'll be well fed :)

Anna & Cole feeding the horses

More gifts ?!?! Dang, kid!

Anna, Cole & Uncle Sean

not-as-embarrassed Cole

Monday, June 16, 2008

Cole's 7th Birthday !!!


Excuse my French but.......... HOLY CRAP !!!!

Why his age amazes me every year is beyond me, but it does.

Thanks to all of you who joined in the chaos!!

Anna & Cole

Rebecca & Lauren

Playing soccer -
Boys agains Girls!

Anna, Rebecca & Lauren

The shirtless boys

Cool new stuff!
"embarrassed Cole"


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ohhhh.... this has been painful.

All 4 wisdom teeth pulled last Thursday - and still in pain...

I was totally fine Thursday after the surgery. My doctor called to check on me Thursday night and I raved about how great I felt! I was just amazed!

I even went shopping Friday morning - high as a kite on pain meds, but I felt goooood.

Then, as if on cue Friday night, the pain set in. Fast!

You know the feeling - like when you haven't worked out in awhile and go for a jog. You're fine that day! Feel like you could run a marathon! And then you get up the following day...... yep, just like that.

My jaw just ACHED.

Worse than childbirth?? Right now, I'd have to say YES! Although it's funny how pain doesn't seem to have a memory.

Anyway, I suffered through the weekend. Shawn made me mashed potatoes Sunday night (finally, REAL food!!).

I came to work on Monday, just to get an hours worth of work done and then home to my couch and lovely pain meds!

Tuesday wasn't much better. At least I had my follow-up appointment with the doctor. Maybe she could confirm that I had 'dry-socket' on the right side, since it ached with a vengance! She just said that everything looked normal and that it's a longer recovery for adults.....

"Really? No dry-socket?", I asked, puzzled. "Nope, everything looks healthy and normal. You could be in pain for another week, it's just how it goes." she replied.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wisdom Teeth

OK, I finally admit it.

I'm a little nervous.

I'm getting all 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday.

But if I could live thru the infection, I had about 2 months ago, that lasted a WEEK - then I can live thru this.

Easier than childbirth?

We'll see.........

Wish me luck!