Friday, March 26, 2010

Well deserved CONGRATS!

Spring is HERE! It’s official. We can’t go back now, right? We have had the mildest winter I can remember, since moving here in 1979. No snow – which was a bummer for the kids, but no huge storms or RAIN for that matter. (I didn’t just jinx it, did I??) We had one extremely cold week, reaching the single digits, but other than that – mild. It made you anxious for Spring. For flowers and fresh cut grass. For flip flops and capris. Bring. It. ON!

In the most Special, special, special and EXCITING news evar – I am so proud to announce that my husband, Shawn Wilson, is now the new TERMINAL MANAGER for YRC, Inc. in Tacoma !!!!

After years in the trucking industry and revamping & improving each terminal he’s been assigned to, he was finally awarded the Tacoma location! I am so, so, so proud of him and know that he has what it takes to make this work! He’s got his own show to run, which is what he deserves (plus, we get to stay in T-town – super big YAY!)

CONGRATULATIONS SHAWN!!! I’m so proud of you!


cami said...

COngratulations!!!! That is great news! Glad to see you blogging again...I need to get with the program!

Danelle said...

AWESOME!! Big Congrats to both of you! And hey - no more commute? Oh how wonderful!!

Jackie Wood said...

Congrats! Great news, thanks for sharing and love reading your blog again!!